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Wire dog muzzles

Wire Dog Muzzle and Dog Muzzle for Dogs

The dog muzzles for dogs are very different in designs and purposes, like the dog muzzle for service and work, education and trainings, everyday life and walks.

In our ForDogTrainers Dogshop you will find the wide selection of the wire muzzles for your dog. We offer wire muzzles for small dogs, like French Bulldog, Affenpinscher, Terrier, Belgian Griffon, Boston and Border Terrier, Bichon, Bull Terrier, Bauer Dog, Spitz and for large breeds. If you have large or medium-sized dogs such as Rottweiler, Malinois, German Shepherd, Boxer, Mastiff, Great Dane, Laika, Doberman, English Bulldog, Cane Corso, etc., then select the wire muzzle for large and medium dogs of this category of wire busket muzzles.

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Best Sellers - Wire dog muzzles


Our Wire Muzzle has the nose padding, solid steel construction, perfect hand processing, excellent comfort and great adaptability. We also offer wire dog muzzle with the rubber cover,which is the best for winter. In this wire muzzle your dog's snout does not freeze at winter times. It depends on you whether you need a wire muzzle of steel, all-weather rubbered dog muzzle of wire, or all-weather dog muzzle for trainings.Regarding the wire muzzle and dog muzzle made of plastic, we select the best suitable model from our selection according to the masses for your dog and your wishes. The wire muzzle is so thought through that your dog can freely bark, pant and drink.
The wire muzzle we produce can be affordable bought here at the manufacturers prises, because we ourselves produce and sell our dog muzzles of wire.

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Want to ask something and need the help of our specialists call Mo - Fr 9-14 clock (Berlin time) at our number in Frankfurt-am-Main: +49 6912 006 66 23 or contact us at info@fordogtrainers.de email address.

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3. Hallo Helena ! Have received the muzzle and am very satisfied with it. I thank you again for such quick delivery and very good service. Best Regards

From: Horst, Germany